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Agricultural AI for Transforming Workforce and Decision Support

A worker inspecting produce in an orchard using a tablet.

Washington State University is leading a multi-institutional research institute to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to tackle 21st century challenges in agriculture related to labor, water, weather and climate change.

The AgAID Institute – short for Agricultural AI for Transforming Workforce and Decision Support – is one of 11 AI Institutes launched by the National Science Foundation and among two funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture – National Institute of Food and Agriculture in 2021. The Institute is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative effort involving faculty and scientists with expertise on a diverse range of areas in computer science, agriculture and agricultural outreach. Additional information about the AgAID Institute will be made available on the website in the coming months.

The Institute members include Washington State University; Oregon State University; University of California, Merced; University of Virginia; Carnegie Mellon University; Heritage University; Wenatchee Valley College; and Kansas State University. Private sector partners include IBM Research and the start-up

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Washington State University.

Oregon State University.

University of California at Merced.

University of Virginia.

Carnegie Mellon University.

Heritage University.

Wenatchee Valley College.

Kansas State University.

IBM Research.

AgAID Institute Team

Executive Leadership

  • Ananth Kalyanaraman, Lead PI and Institute Director, Washington State University
  • Alan Fern, Associate Director (AI), Oregon State University
  • Qin Zhang, Associate Director (Ag), Washington State University
  • Maureen Bonnefin, Interim Project Manager, Washington State University

All Personnel

Abhijin AdigaBiocomplexity InstituteUniversity of Virginia
Alan FernComputer ScienceOregon State University
Amit DhingraHorticultureWashington State University
Ananth KalyanaramanComputer ScienceWashington State University
Anil VullikantiBiocomplexity InstituteUniversity of Virginia
Bernardita Sallato-CarmonaTree Fruit ExtensionWashington State University
Chad KrugerCSANR/Wenatchee TFRECWashington State University
Cindi DunnExternal Evaluation/OEIEKansas State University
Cindy GrimmMechanical EngineeringOregon State University
Claudio StockleBiological Systems EngineeringWashington State University
Dave BrownCrop & Soil ScienceWashington State University
Georgine YorgeyCSANRWashington State University
Heather KnightComputer ScienceOregon State University
Jana DoppaComputer ScienceWashington State University
Jennifer AdamCivil and Environmental EngineeringWashington State University
Jennifer Bolivar-MedinaTree Fruit ExtensionWashington State University
Jessica BlackIndigenous Health, Culture and the EnvironmentHeritage University
Jia YuComputer ScienceWashington State University
Jian-Qiao SunEngineeringUniversity of California Merced
Joe DavidsonMechanical EngineeringOregon State University
John AbatzoglouMgmt. Complex SystemsUniversity of California Merced
Jonathan YoderEconomicsWashington State University
Josh ViersEnvironmental SystemsUniversity of California Merced
Joshua GoldsteinBiocomplexity InstituteUniversity of Virginia
Josue Medellin-AzuaraEnvironmental SystemsUniversity of California Merced
Kirti RajagopalanBiological Systems EngineeringWashington State University
Kommy WeldemariamAI and Climate changeIBM Research
Lav KhotBiological Systems EngineeringWashington State University
Lee KalcsitsHorticultureWashington State University
Leigh BernacchiCITRIS-MercedUniversity of California Merced
Madhav MaratheBiocomplexity InstituteUniversity of Virginia
Manoj KarkeeBiological Systems Engineering/CPAASWashington State University
Margaret BurnettComputer ScienceOregon State University
Markus KellerViticultureWashington State University
Matthew WhitingHorticultureWashington State University
Mike BradyEconomicsWashington State University
Minsuk KahngComputer ScienceOregon State University
Nancy Deringer4-H RoboticsWashington State University
Navin Kumar TwarakaviClimate change and sustainabilityIBM Research
Prasad TadepalliComputer ScienceOregon State University
Qin ZhangBiological Systems Engineering/CPAASWashington State University
Raviv RaichComputer ScienceOregon State University
Rebecca HutchinsonComputer ScienceOregon State University
Reza EhsaniMechanical EngineeringUniversity of California Merced
Sai RamaswamyEng. TechnologyWenatchee Valley College
Samarth SwarupBiocomplexity InstituteUniversity of Virginia
Sekharipuram S. RaviBiocomplexity InstituteUniversity of Virginia
Sindhu SankaranBiological Systems EngineeringWashington State University
Sinisa TodorovicComputer ScienceOregon State University
Stefan LeeComputer ScienceOregon State University
Troy PetersBiological Systems EngineeringWashington State University
Weng-Keen WongComputer ScienceOregon State University
Wenzhen YuanRobotics InstituteCarnegie Mellon University
Xiaoli FernComputer ScienceOregon State University
Yan YanComputer ScienceWashington State University